At Everest Cable, every employee is considered as the pillar of support to the organization and therefore we feel it is our responsibility to help raise the efficiency and caliber of our support-systems (employees) for their own benefit as well as the benefit of the organization.

With this concern and motive, we ensure that our Employee Development Programs are a planned collaborative process wherein managers and employees are made to share responsibility to align individual needs with Everest's initiatives.

As a part of our Training & Development Program, we also ensure that each & every employee's training needs are recorded and Individual Development Plan formulated & initiated by the Human Resources Department and agreed upon with the employee and his/her Line Manager. This is done with the motive of helping employees overcome their shortcomings and make them more efficient and productive. We also periodically arranges in-house and external training programs to meet specific business units' needs. Out T&D department lends special focus on developing knowledge and personality enhancements skills within all our employees to help them in the long run.

At Everest we provide a very professional work environment. We have very transparent systems and policies. We are an equal opportunity employer. All employees treated fairly.