Instrumentation and Data Cables

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  • The growing sophistication of the electronic industry continues to create a need for specially designed cables for use with computer-controlled electrical and electronic equipments. To satisfy requirements for impedance matching, lower bit error rates, lower cross-talk, longer transmission distances and high signal purity, we are manufacturing an expanding spectrum of instrumentation, data and control cables in full range of sizes, insulations of different types, shields types for special installations. We can also armour these cables for mechanical protection.


    Conductor: Solid/stranded, tinned/bare/silver plated and made up of annealed high conductivity EC Grade copperas per IS: 8130 with conductor sizes ranging from 0.05Sq mm to 1OSq mm

    • Insulation: PE/Foam PE/P.P./PVC/Special Thermoplastic materials.
    • Construction: Paired/Triads or Quad construction with individual/collective shields.
    • Colour Scheme: As per lEC/ITD/MIL standards/Asper customer Specification.
    • Shield: Aluminium foil with ATC drain wire/Copper Braid Shielding.
    • Sheath: PVC-FRLS/HR/Normal, PU orany other thermoplastic Materials.