Twisted Pair Data Transmission Cable

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  • The electronics and automation sectors demand reliable transmission signals without any disruption. The increasing 'electromagnetic pollution of the environment' caused by an increased use of electronics has made it essential to achieve efficient transmission of important signals. Pair stranding is an effective way to oppose cross talk effects. EVEREST® cables provide a high level of protection and ensure data transmission without the disruptive effects of high frequency interference with close ATC braiding as screening. For further clarification on any variations from the standard product range, for instance, core, outer sheath and expanded temperature range, etc., please do contact us.


    Fine wire strands of annealed, plain, high conductivity, electrolytic grade copper conductor. Individual core insulated with extruded PVC compound. Two cores twisted together to form a pair wrapped with Mylar tape, then inner sheath, screened with ATC braiding and finally jacketed with a special PVC compound.

    Technical Data

    • For Copper Cable Type :    YY / YWY / YFY
    • Conductor strading :  Standaed extra fine wire
    • Bending Raduis (Min.) :     20 x Cable Diameter
    • Inductance :  0.67 mH / km (approx.)
    • Impedance :  80 ohm (approx.)
    • Mutual Capacitance :  Core – Core 100 nf / km and
    • Core – Screen 140 nf / km
    • Working Voltage    :  350/500 volts
    • Test Voltage :  2000 volts
    • Insulation Resistance :  20 M ohm/km (At 20o C)