CATV Co-Axial Cable

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  • EVEREST® co-axial cables are widely used today for hi-tech multi-channel cable TV networks in high rise buildings, offices, hotels. hospitals residential complexes, etc., and has gained confidence among viewers by delivering high quality picture and sound.

    EVEREST® co-axial cables are made of high conductivity electrolytic grade annealed bare solid copper conductor with special grade polyethylene/gas injected physical foam PE dielectric. Bonded aluminum foil screening in combination with tinned copper braiding, jelly-filled ensures low loss in signal quality and clear pictures. The double screening provides better attenuation values compare with cable with single screen. After screening, the outer jacket is extruded with special grade PVC which is UV and abrasion resistant. Excellent adhesion of insulant to conductor, as well as bonded aluminum foil to dielectric does no allow the moisture to enter the cable. This makes it ideal for use in tropical conditions.

    Salient Features:

    • Low attenuation values.
    • High band width.
    • Minimum structural return loss.
    • Moisture-proof.
    • Low loss in signal quality.
    • Excellent adhesion.