House Wiring Cables

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    • Everest house wiring cables is a trusted name today for reliable electrical wiring in homes, offices, multi storied buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools and industries, etc., enjoying an enviable reputation for its quality and reliability. EVEREST® wires are manufactured from best quality, bright annealed electrolytic grade copper with conductivity of more than 99.997% for smooth flow of electricity thus saving energy consumption. PVC used as an insulant is manufactured in-house and has good dielectric and physical properties with high insulation resistance value that protects against any electrical fault.
    • EVEREST® wires are manufactured with solid, stranded and multi-stranded conductor.
    • The flawless quality of EVEREST® wires and cables is continuously upgraded for consistence performance and long service life. No wonder then that they are called "THE NO PROBLEM CABLES".




    • Fire Retardant (FR) Our normal wires are fire retardant with a high oxygen and temperature index that helps in restricting the spread of fire even at high temperatures.
    • Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) Apart from a high oxygen and temperature index our FRLS wires also have low smoke and toxic gases generation properties that help in easy evacuation and rescue operations in case of fire and are ideal for use in places of high human density.
    • Heat Resistant (105°C) Besides being fire retardant our heat resistant (105°C) cables can withstand excess heat generated within the wire due to low voltage. These wires can handle conductor temperatures up to 105 ° c and are suited for areas with wide voltage fluctuations.
    • Zero Halogen Flame Retardant ('0' HFR) Based on Poly-olefinic thermoplastic compound, our Zero Halogen Flame Retardant wires emit smoke-free, non-toxic, non-corrosive gases in case of fire besides other fire retarding properties. They are ideal for use in public places where risk of human lives and property are of prime concern.

    Why Everest Wires Are Better





    • Purity. Our copper has more than 99.997% conductivity which means reduction in electricity bills.
    • Uniformity. We have the most advanced, in-house wiredrawing, stranding and bunching facilities to give a uniform lay and smooth finish of the conductor.
    • Better Flexibility. Uniform annealing of copper provides more flexibility.
    • Double Insulated. A thin coloured layer is only on the surface for colour identification. The thick layer of natural virgin PVC underneath which provides improved insulation resistance value.
    • Centre Perfect. Automatic self-centering head coupled with on-line diameter controller maintains the conductor perfectly in the centre of PVC insulation to prevent short-circuit occurrences due to uneven thickness and eccentricity of insulation.
    • Consistency. All wires pass through the spark tester to withstand high voltage stresses of 9000 volts for consistent quality, free of foreign particles throughout.
    • Current Carrying Capacity. Higher current carrying capacity owing to low conductor resistance.